Admin Admin podcast – A comedy of errors.

I’m a regular listener to the Admin Admin podcast and lurk on their telegram channel, so i was quite chuffed when i was asked to appear with them and talk a little about one of the roles i have at work where i build Linux “golden images” that are used globally for our customers…

Listen here:

Show notes:

Click listen from here

The guys were brilliant, we had a fair few technical issues whilst doing it, but they took it on the chin and were very chilled out about it. One thing i can say is you can really tell the quality of my mic is so poor compared to the ones the guys are using so apologies about that, i really wasn’t sitting at the back of the room.

I really had a great time and loads of fun, so thanks to Al, Stuart, Jerry and of course Jon (who asked me to appear).

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Born in the UK, educated in NZ, working for a tier 1 multinational
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1 Response to Admin Admin podcast – A comedy of errors.

  1. spatherton says:

    Great stuff Nick. That’s exactly what we do. You are right about the mic though 😁


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