Quiet – Free Trait Theory

I get asked on the odd occasion about how, as self-confessed, introvert can i do certain things while at work with some sort of confidence.  Like presenting in meetings and conferences, ringing up people i haven’t met before.  ‘Getting out there’ i suppose you might call it.   Fellow introverts don’t see how i can be one of them, when i do all this scary stuff, or at least uncomfortable stuff.

A long time ago i came across an article that discussed free-trait-theory and a book called “Quiet” by Susan Cain.   To not get overly excited as we British are known not to, but it really did change my life.   All of a sudden i find i am actually ‘normal’ and we know that’s a scientific impossibility to be normal – but in layman’s terms I’m not out of the ordinary.   That there is good reason why i can present and chat away merrily to people about certain topics i am really passionate about. This is free trait theory.

Of course being an introvert i need to recharge the personal Li-ion in a different way to extroverts.  A quiet book or trawling the net for interesting stuff, is waaaaay better than partying all night.  But horses for courses, as they say.

Now i might not be in the same league as the names in this post, but i think it shows how not everyone you think is extroverted.  Some more here but i like the cartoons at the bottom of the page best.

So if this interests you or is like someone you know, then click on the link below and find out more.  It’s a great short read.  Buy the book also, it’s cheap enough on Amazon.  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Quiet-Power-Introverts-World-Talking/dp/0141029196/

Source: Quiet (1/2): transcending our traits


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